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Architectural en Technical Lighting

About Lumosec

Who is Lumosec Lighting?

Lumosec Lighting is a supplier and manufacturer of Architectural (design) and Technical (functional) lighting. We design, produce and deliver above-average quality fittings. We emphasize the design, reliability and flexibility of our lighting systems. All our lighting fixtures are equipped with the latest generation of LED technology. In order to guarantee our high quality, our R & D department, where the Lumosec lighting products are designed, signed and tested, and the production facilities located in Europe (Czech Republic and the United Kingdom).

Lumosec Lighting aims to assist architects, designers and project lighting professionals in realizing their projects. We do this in the form of cooperation and technical support for projects. Here our skilled and experienced technicians are ready to answer issues. A special component is the development and production of lighting fixtures based on specific customer requirements. Another service is making light calculations for projects.

It is our ambition to be a renowned manufacturer in lighting solutions in Europe.