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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product questions

In which colours the luminaires can be delivered?
  • As standard, 25 RAL colours are available for most luminaires. In addition, the luminaires can be supplied in colours outside the standard colour palette.

How long are the wires of the suspension kit when I order a pedant lamp (suspended)?
  • The standard length of the suspension kit and the transparent connection cable is 1.5 meters. Of course we adjust the length when necessary.
Do I have to open the pendant fixture before installation?
  • No, to make installation as easy as possible, our suspended luminaires are already equipped with so-called shuttle buses and a transparent connection cable. This means that the luminaire does not need to be opened.
What type of lighting control systems can be supplied with the luminaire?
  • DALI - All our luminaires can be supplied with a DALI (digital addressable Lighting Interface) driver. DALI is a 2-wire lighting control system for the intelligent management of your lighting. With the DALI protocol, in combination with a good lighting system, you have extensive options such as daylight control, dimming back lighting when there is no 'traffic' (smart lighting) and the right illuminance or light colours for different activities.
  • CASAMBI - All our luminaires can be equipped with the Casambi technology. Casambi is a wireless system which works by Bluetooth low energy. In addition to our luminaires, all existing fittings can be adapted to the Casambi system. The system is user-friendly, no wiring is required, all types of lighting such as LED, LED strips and halogen, and also the old light bulb and fluorescent tube can be controlled. With Casambi a mesh network is created for an optimal operation. In short, with a Casambi management system you can operate your entire office, shop, business space, warehouse or house.
  • 1-10V, DSI, PWM, DMX - Almost all our luminaires can be supplied with 1-10V, DSI, PWM or DMX controllers.
Can I order luminaires with RGB or Tunable White?
  • Yes, call us and we will discuss your wish.
Do you produce customized products?
  • Customization and therefore flexibility is one of our strengths. Customization can be a size of a luminaire from our delivery package but also a completely new designed fixture.

Technical questions

Wat is CRI?
  • CRI is the abbreviation for 'Colour Rendering Index'. The CRI value indicates the colour reproduction in relation to the actual colour as can be seen in daylight.
What is Tunable White?
  • Lighting fixtures emit white light. This can be a 'warm' colour (2700 Kelvin) or a cool colour (6500 Kelvin). With Tunable White it is possible to mix light colours electronically so that (infinitely) other light colours can also be set.
What is colour temperature?
  • The colour temperature is the light colour of a LED fixture. This is indicated in Kelvin (K). The higher the temperature, the cooler the light colour. For example, 2700K is warm-white and 6500K is a white colour.
What is light distribution?
  • Most luminaires have a direct light distribution. The light shines down directly. In addition to this direct lighting, there is also indirect lighting. Indirect lighting shines up towards the ceiling. Lumosec Lighting also has luminaires with 'inside light'. This 'inside light' is used in our wall luminaires so that the wall is illuminated.

Quotes & orders

Can I order directly from Lumosec Lighting?
  • Yes, request your quote from Lumosec Lighting and we send it soon.
What is the lead for a quote?
  • For standard products from our range, we will make your offer within 1 day. More time is needed for custom luminaires or customization.
What is the delivery time of a luminaire?
  • Because of the many possibilities we produce all luminaires on order. Depending on the pressure in production, we use a delivery time between 4 and 6 weeks.

Other questions

Where can I find the product specifications to add in my project?
  • Handy tool. For you as an architect we have designed a handy tool on our website. At product level you will find a button 'Copy specification text'. By pressing this button you can copy the entire specification text and paste it into your project specifications.
Does Lumosec also make light calculations?
  • Yes, in addition to calculations with our own luminaires, we calculate and supply with our partner all lighting fixtures for restaurants, shops, schools, hotels, offices, stations etc.
Do you have a catalog?
  • Yes, contact us and you will receive our catalog by post. It is also possible to view the catalog digitally. Click here for the digital catalog.
Why should I place my order at Lumosec Lighting?
  • You could buy Lumosec Lighting for the following reasons;
    • Quality components - For all our luminaires we use components from renowned manufacturers such as Tridonic, TCI, Seoul Semiconductors, Samsung and Xicato.
    • Quality of the housing - Our aluminum housings are produced in such a way that no annoying seams are visible.
    • Quality diffuser - All our luminaires are supplied with diffusers in one piece, so not in multiple parts (with the exception of long light lines and corner pieces).
    • Quality cooling - The lifespan of a luminaire is largely determined by the cooling. Due to the design of optimum cooling, most luminaires have a lifespan of> 60,000 hours, L80 / B10.
    • Communication - Lumosec Lighting is a relatively small organization, making it possible to communicate directly with you about luminaires, adjustments, light calculations and quotations.
    • Warranty - All Lumosec Lighting luminaires have a warranty period of 5 years.